Department of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering, the broadest of all Engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers are involved with every aspect of energy generation, transmission, and usage. This would imply that they are involved in almost every aspect of our daily lives, and that would be correct! Mechanical engineers design, build and test a wide variety of products and processes that range from your car and its engine, the refrigerator in your kitchen, the wind turbine that provides your house with electricity, to the space shuttle.
Because the industries in which mechanical engineers work are so varied, you can expect that your education and training to be a mechanical engineer to also be very broad. Besides a deep understanding of math and basic physics, mechanical engineers are taught specialized courses in mechanics, materials, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow, manufacturing, and controls. Mechanical engineering is also becoming more and more intertwined with computer and electrical engineering as computer aided design and modeling becomes more prevalent and also in the areas of robotics and mechatronics.
The breadth of the field of mechanical engineering can be intimidating to some. Because mechanical engineering encompasses so much, it is often the case that as you reach the end of your time at university, you become more specialized in a certain area of mechanical engineering. There are three main different areas of emphasis in mechanical engineering. These main areas are loosely defined and can definitely overlap depending on where your career takes you, but they are a good starting place to think about how you want to focus your career.

Lab Details

# Lab Name Equipments
1 Workshop Lathe Machine
Shaper Machine
Power Saw Machine
Grinder Machine
Welding Machine
Jig Saw Machine
Milling Machine
Carpentry Shop
Hand Drill Machine
2 Mechanics Lab Worm And Worm Wheel Appratus
Belt And Pully Appratus
Differential Wheel And Axle
Simply Supported Beam
Single Purchase Winch Crab
Double Purchase Winch Crab
Screw Jack
Simple Jib Crane
Polygone Law Appratus
Helicle Spring
Inclined Plane
Geared Jib Crane
3 Material Testing Lab U.T.M. Machine
Impact Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine
Hardness Testing Machine
Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine
Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine
4 Mechanical Measurement And Metrology Lab Light Dependent Resistor
Piezoelectric Tranduser
Bourdon Tube
Thermo Couple
Digital Strain Indicator
Temprature Sensor
Speed Measurement
5 Fluid Mechanics Lab Pitote Tube
Pipe Friction
Venturi Meter
Jet Apparatus
Reynolds Number
Metacentric Model
Orifice Meter
Bernoullis Model
Rota Meter Test Ring
6 Fluid Machinery Lab Reciprocating Pump
Centrifugal Pump
Francis Turbine
7 Engineering Thermodynamics Lab Lancashire Boiler Model
Cornish Boiler Model
Stop Valve
Safety Valve
8 Applied Thermodynamics Lab Sudgen Super Heater
Green Economizer
Lever Safety Valve
Spring Loaded Safety Valve
Dead Weight Safety Valve
Cochran Boiler Model
Expansion Steam Trap
Fusible Plug
Feed Check Valve
Reducing Valve
Blow Off Cock
Steam Injector
Steam Priming Pipe
Babcock And Wilcox Boiler
9 Kinematics Of Machine Lab Epicyclic Gear Train Application
Slip And Creep Measurement Apparatus
Dead Weight Pressure Gauge
Corollis Component
Four Bar Link Mechanism And Inversion
Cam Analysis
Journal Bearing
Pentograph Mechanism
10 Machine Design Lab Bevel Gear
Spur Gear
Helical Gear
Worm Wheel
Herringbone Gear
Sliding And Rolling Bearing
Ball Bearing
11 I C Engine Lab Two Stroke Engine Model
Four Stroke Engine Model
Petrol Engine
Diesel Engine
Air Compressor Test Rig
12 Dynamics Of Machine Lab Governor Apparatus
Gyroscope Apparatus
Static And Dynamic Balancing
Universal Vibration Apparatus
Whirling Shaft
Vibration Apparatus
13 Automobile Lab Hydraulic Brake Of Car Model
Steam Engine ā€˜Dā€™ Slide Valve
Disk Brake
Mechanical Brake
Differential Gear Assembly
Multi-Plate Clutch
Centrifugal Clutch
Plate Clutch
14 Heat And Mass Transfer Lab Thermal Conductivity Of Metal Rod
Natural Convection
Pin Fin Apparatus
Steafan Boltzman Apparatus
Emissivity Measurement Apparatus
Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger Apparatus
Composite Wall Apparatus
Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Powder
15 Cad Lab CNC Milling Machine
Robotics Arm