Department of Civil Engineering


Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering. The Department has grown tremendously over the years and is now recognized as one of the major engineering department in the country. The department has developed strong links with the building and construction industry and academic and research with in the country. Beside high quality teaching and instruction, the Department is actively involved in basic and applied research and consultancy and provides high quality technical and consultancy to various organisations.
The Dept. has Civil Engineering Society that organizes expert lectures, group discussions, competitions, sports and other activities for the all-round development of the Civil Engineering students. The Department focuses on advance research and education in the board areas of Geotechnical, Structural, Transportation and Water Resources & Environmental Engineering. The departmental activities embrace Planning, Design, Construction and Management.
The academic activities of the Department emphasizes deep understanding of fundamental principles, development of creative to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering, and the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature. The Department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, essential for development, nurturing of team spirit, and developing organization skills. The faculty members of the department are involved in high quality research and consultancy activities, and they continue to enjoy academic leadership role.


  1. To be the fountain-head of new ideas and innovations in Civil Engineer.
  2. Providing state of art education in civil engineering guided by innovative research, inclusive technology and management skills for industry and social needs for sustainable development.


  1. To offerworld- class undergraduate education, research guidance, professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in Civil Engineering.
  2. To create, disseminate and integrate  knowledge of civil engineering for the betterment of society.
  3. To develop sustainable application to improve civil engineering practices.
  4. To develop skill among student by identifying potentials and knowledge through innovative research for challenging  applications in civil engineering
  5. To develop center of excellence in civil engineering to carry out research in the areas of infrastructure and eco-friendly technologies.


  1. To be the highest- ranked best-rated departments in terms of teaching and quality, research contributions, high-end consultancy, outreach and manpower training and academic leadership.
  2. Striving to attract and retain high quality faculty and competent support staff.
  3. To make available the state-of-the-art technical knowledge to local communities, governmental and non-governmental organization for infrastructure improvement and its maintenance.

Lab Facilities

Some important facilities in the Department are.

  1. Structural Engineering Laboratory.
  2. Remote Sensing Laboratory.
  3. Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory.
  4. Water Resources Engineering Laboratory.
  5. Transportation Systems Engineering Laboratory.
  6. Computational Laboratory.